Re-Programmable Multi-Colored High-Resolution On-Body Interfaces using Photochromic Nail Polish
ChromaNails is a prototype that re-programs textures on photochromic nail polish to create high-resolution multi-colored on-body interfaces. By projecting different wavelengths of light, it can saturate and desaturate the photochromic particles to any partial saturation from transparent to fully colored. Using a photochromic nail polish mixture of cyan, magenta, and yellow (CMY), we create a multi-colored material with re-programmable capabilities. ChromaNails re-programs the photochromic CMY mixture using ultraviolet light and a modified RGB projector. The projection is controlled by an algorithm that utilizes the varying desaturation curves of the photochromic dyes. 
Magnus Frisk, Frederik Kjær Sørensen & Mads Vejrup
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